Rotten Sound – Cursed

Posted on June 10, 2011




As grindcore continues to expand and merge with other sub-genres, steadily increasing in technicality and the proficiency of its musicians, a band like Rotten Sound is a welcome reprieve. Barring the ridiculous chops of former drummer Kai Hahto, the Finnish quartet largely ditches the instrumental wizardry prevalent in the genre’s modern incarnation for a piece of that punky stuff. So yeah, what you get on sixth album, Cursed, is more buzzsaw guitar and d-beat interlaced among the blasting madness. Perfectly logical. They show you the blueprint, you kindly review and lose your shit to the insanely fast stuff and the only sort of insanely fast stuff accordingly.

There must be a caffeine shortage in Vaasa, though, because our boys have slowed things down considerably. The quick -fix microsongs are still here, but with them come extended (for grind) crusty assaults like “Declare” and “Terrified,” the former’s pseudo-doom being especially shocking. And just wait until the dexterous guitar leads on “Plan” and “Hollow,” played by Aborted’s Eran Segal and Total Devastation’s Saku Hakuli, respectively. Yes, after 18 years as a band, Rotten Sound are finally calling on some help from their friends. It’s no coincidence LG Petrov of Entombed fame contributes growls and screeches on “Superior” and “Chosen,” seeing as – with the exception of the occasional burst of hyperspeed blastbeats – many of these jams could be from the Clandestine sessions. Not that groove never existed on these guys’ classic platters like Murderworks, it’s just a hell of a lot more prominent this time. And fun, too. Without a concern for being the fastest, baddest mofos around anymore, we finally see Rotten Sound ignoring the Joneses and hosting a backyard party of their own crammed with smelly dudes in Tragedy tees pounding pints of Karhu.

— 7 —