Inevitable End – The Oculus

Posted on May 25, 2011




Not sure if it was the grainy, computer generated cover art or the pseudo-scientific album title, but I was expecting sterile Sumeriancore on Inevitable End’s sophomore outing. What I got instead was refreshingly unhinged noisegrind owing a pretty sizable debt to Converge, with a few twists here and there. A saying involving some book and its cover comes to mind right about now. Well done, gents.

These Swedes beat the hell out of their instruments for most of The Oculus’ 35-minute runtime, and they don’t really submit much rhyme or reason for it in the process. Granted, bewilderment and complete disorientation is generally the end goal in this genre, so it’s Mission Accomplished for angular ragers like “Tell Us, Parasites” and “Me Tem Psy Cho Sis” alone. All is not as it seems, though, when burly, screeching sludge oozes from the open sore of “The Supreme Treachery,” an absolute highlight that evolves into a supremely satisfying d-beatdown that only a band from Disfear’s turf could kick out. Guitarist Marcus Skägget flexes some fretboard freakery on “While Surpassing Ether” as the guys get their collective avant-core on with an off kilter time signature anchored by…woodblocks? “Memento” is equally skronky, as drummer Joakim Malmborg drops in and out of free jazz snare rolls and groovin’ hillbilly breakdowns while Andreas Gerdén thoroughly loses his mind on pretty much every track. But eventually the predictably unpredictable shtick simply becomes predictable, and the squeaky-clean studio mix coupled with the punk as fuck attitude grows tiresome even during the album’s relatively short duration. It’s hard to imagine many remembering The Oculus at the end of what is looking to be a significant year for harsh sounds.

— 6 —