Noisear – Subvert the Dominant Paradigm

Posted on March 29, 2011





In a direct contrast to the speed at which its purveyors play, grindcore has taken the longest of the extreme music subgenres to reach the culmination of its renaissance. Infamous avant-slicers Discordance Axis launched the movement a decade ago, matched by the inversely old school crust pummelings of Nasum, who looked to reign over all things minute-long and blasting until Mieszko Talarczyk’s death in the 2004 tsunami disaster. Albuquerque, NM’s Noisear find a pretty happy medium between the experimental and primitive, quite literally cutting their two sides in half on their Relapse debut.

Subvert the Dominant Paradigm’s first 25 minutes are pure, white-knuckled bliss. Guitars skitter between fucked up skronk (“Global Warning”) and bludgeoning punk groove (“Fraudulent” and “Alamas Por El Infierno”), some dude with split personalities screeches like a medieval torture victim and growls like a bear with bowel obstruction, and Bryan Fajardo continues the most stunning streak of drum performances in the history of grind. He definitely abides by the second tenant of Brutal Truth’s “Smoke. Grind. Sleep.” ethos (I’m not sure about the first), but if Mr. Fajardo gets any rest, it’s probably behind the kit and in shorter bursts than his projects’ micro-songs. If his work on Gridlink’s imminent sophomore record matches the impossibly fast, unbearably technical, and always disciplined playing on display here, Fajardo will usurp the venerable Dave Witte as modern grind’s hardest working timekeeper.

With 29 proper songs to rip through, Subvert the Dominant Paradigm’s sequencing almost becomes another instrument, as a hefty pounder like “The Rail,” with its mid-paced riffing and raking pinch harmonics, slams headlong into the mach speed half-minute of “The Alternative Is…,” forming scattered non-sequitors that make the album that much more appealing to shock and awe-seeking grind freaks. And if that doesn’t have them sold, the aptly titled “Noisearuption”’s 20 minutes of aural decimation via screeching machine shop death throes and decaying static will likely weed out only those with the strongest of wills. It’s a satisfying, tinnitus-inducing closer for the heir apparent to The Inaliable Dreamless, and that’s just about the most positive comparison any promising grinders could hope for.


— 9 —